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La Meloni blocca Prestigiacomo. Intesa azzerata, è braccio di ferro

Stefania Prestigiacomo was one step away from the finish line, a candidate in pectore of the center-right for the Presidency of the Region, thanks to an iron pact between Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini. But his investiture was blocked last night by the veto of the Brothers of Italy: “We cannot ask ourselves to support a candidate who got on the Sea Watch with the Democratic Party” thundered Giorgia Meloni, calling into question a maneuver that in the afternoon seemed now defined.

When at 1 pm yesterday the Northern League player Nino Minardo announced his step back in the race to Palazzo d’Orleans in front of Prestigiacomo there was a level highway. Which even became downhill at 5pm, when Nello Musumeci withdrew his candidacy. Then, two hours later, the no of the national center-right leader. Giacinto Pipitone writes this in the Giornale di Sicilia which reports on a high-tension day in the center-right.

But the game is far from over. Fratelli d’Italia disputes everything and shoots against the allies: “They have not yet made us understand why Forza Italia expects to express the candidate in Sicily where it is no longer the first party and taking into account that it already expresses the presidents of several other regions , certainly many more than the Brothers of Italy ”attacked La Russa. Who then crushed Prestigiacomo: “For his presence with the far-left Honorable Fratoianni on the Sea Watch in the story of the illegal immigrants that cost the charge to Salvini, it is certainly the least suitable to represent the whole center-right”. La Russa recalled that «the League was telling us the same things up until last night» and then defined «Miccichè’s threats raving about us,« either you agree or we break the coalition »». A scenario, however, that La Russa himself evoked: “Either we return to shared choices or Micciché’s threat could become a reality”. Also because on this line it is the Meloni. So in a few hours yesterday everything was done and everything was undone.

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